Memories of music and singing together started at a young age for the Mallory sisters. Their parents, Gerry and Jenny, filled their lives with broadway shows, musical soundtracks and music lessons. Megan, Chesney and Ivy believed in the power of music and the beauty it brings into life. 

          As the girls grew older, they began to brave the stage for the first time, singing at the small church their parents pastored in Sherwood, Oregon. Their mom and dad encouraged them to sing their best no matter how many people were listening; it was never about the size of the room, but instead the opportunities that allowed the sisters to grow and experiment with their talents. 

          Entering into their teens, the Mallory sisters stepped outside of their church and began entering into talent competitions. They gained poise and confidence, and learned to appriciate the value of winning, and just as importantly, of losing. 

          In 2012, Megan, Chesney and Ivy's mother took a chance and contacted Michael Allen Harrison, a renowned pianist in Portland, to see if he might take the sisters to the next level in their musical abilities. Three months later, they began taking piano lessons from him. Their expectations were not disappointed, but in fact quite the opposite. He had that special touch which inspired the girls more than ever to take chances in thier music. 

           In 2014, Michael invited the Mallory girls to an incredible opportunity: to perform at his Christmas at the Old Church. The sisters, along with their mother, performed an original song called Magical Caroling, written by Jenny about Christmas during her childhood. 

          The Mallory Three or "M3" returned for the 25th anniversary of Michael Allen Harrison's Christmas at the Old Church the following year, this time releasing their first Christmas CD, featuring some original pieces and a few songs also performed in the show. They have returned every year since.

          In the summer of 2016, M3 traveled to Asia for the first time. While there, they visited the Philippines and performed as special guests on a worldwide television program called Give Us This Day.  During their stay in Hong Kong, the Mallory Family sang at the Shangri-La for a televised banquet.  

          The Mallory Three had the privilege of being a part of the National Children's Day in Davao City, Philippines on April 25th, 2017 and then again the following year. The day is filled with free food, rides, and games for children who are orphans, in foster care, or have cancer. Most of these children are living in poverty or have no family. The Mallory Three were in two parades throughout the day, waving to the over 60,000 people who came watch. There were multiple performances with music and dancing. The sisters sang Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" later that evening. The girls wouldn't trade this experience for anything and can't wait until next year! (Click Here to View Pics).

          In January of 2018, M3 partnered with Play It Forward a non-profit organization funded by the Snowman Foundation in Portland, Oregon. They are now going into elementary schools to assemblies around the Portland-metro area to promote music and encourage kids to believe in themselves, be brave, and do their best. They incorporate songs, dance, magic, and puppets to show students how to "Rock Your World"!

          The Mallory Three currently live in Los Angeles, California and look forward to this next chapter in their lives.

Meet the mallory three


  I was the last one born but I have to admit I love being the baby. I have been working on recording my own music, which I am very excited to share with you. I grew up singing in my church from the time I was about four years old until now. I will sing almost anything, anytime, anywhere. Listening to gospel, opera, jazz, and broadway music makes me happy. There is no place I'd rather be than on a stage entertaining or ministering to others. Like a typical 17-year-old, I spend hours upon hours with my friends and sisters being my crazy self. I love god, my family, my friends and my country!


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For as long as I can remember, music has filled my life with joy and wonder. As I grow older, my love for music has only grown, and, like my sisters, I love all genres. However, if you sneak a peek at my playlist, you'll find gospel, classical, instrumental, jazz, and broadway music. When I am not studying or reading, you can find me sitting at the piano.  Finally, I love adventures and trying new things- for example traveling the world! I was so blessed to visit Asia and Europe this summer, and I cannot wait to return! 



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I am 22 years old and the oldest of my three sisters. I'm the boss... most of the time at least. I have spent the past eight years traveling to all parts of the world and it never gets old. If there is one thing my friends and family could tell you about me it is that I will never turn down an opportunity to explore a new place. It's best when I get to mix travel with serving others, like when we went to the Philippines in April 2017 to perform for thousands of children. Musical creativity is one of my biggest passions. When we aren't working or traveling my sisters and I will write music together and those are the best of times. I love letting my creative side show, collaberating, and sharing ideas in all aspects of my life.


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